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Sunday, February 27, 2011

iPhone - iPod Touch - Turn Keyboard Clicking Sound On or Off

SUMMARY: Toggle the sound made when pressing keys on the iPod / iPod Touch virtual keyboard.

Many people like the clicking sound the iPod Touch and iPhone devices make when pressing a key on the virtual keyboard, especially if they have difficulty typing on the small device and need to be assured their key presses were registered. However, when typing a large amount of text in public this sound may annoy others. Luckily it can be easily turned on or off:

1. Access the "Settings" utility / app.

2. From the main "Settings" screen, click "Sounds".

3. When the "Sounds" screen appears, swipe down and click the toggle switch next to "Keyboard Clicks" to turn these sounds on or off.

Note this tip was written on an iPod Touch (4th Generation) with iOS 4.2.1. Features, information, and screenshots are subject to change between operating system versions and devices.

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