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Friday, February 11, 2011

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Leave the Text, Take the Formatting (Away)

SUMMARY: Have you tweaked the formatting of a section of text inside a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to the point it is unusable? Quickly remove all formatting while keeping the text intact.

So you've tweaked and tweaked and tweaked a block of text in a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation by adding reflections, glowing effects, shadows, texture fills, and more. What if you don't like the results and want to return it back to normal, and repeatedly pressing CTRL + Z doesn't work because you've gone past the number of undos PowerPoint 2010 allows? How do you quickly remove all text formatting?

The first step (and depending on your tweaks, perhaps the only one required) is to apply the Clear All Formatting tool. Highlight the offending text and either:

A. Select the "Home" tab in the ribbon, then click the "Clear All Formatting" button in the "Font" section (see the screenshot to the right).



Unfortunately, if you've applied the 3-D Rotation or Transform effect on the text, the "Clear All Formatting" tool will not remove this. Here's how to clear WordArt effects:

1. With the text still selected, click the "Format (Drawing Tools)" tab in the Ribbon.

2. In the "WordArt Styles" section, click the "Quick Styles" button if it appears. Otherwise, you should see a group of letter A's. Next to these should be a down pointed arrow with a line over it - click it. See the screenshot to the right.

2. A pop-up appears with a variety of WordArt styles. At the bottom, click "Clear WordArt".

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