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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Windows 7 - Disable Automatic Error / Problem Reporting

SUMMARY: Prevent Windows 7 from automatically contacting Microsoft or prompting you to contact Microsoft whenever a software / hardware / operating system error or problem is detected.

Depending on your Windows 7 configuration, whenever a problem or error is detected in software, hardware, or the operating system, a problem report may be sent to Microsoft. This way, if solutions are later available such as an updated hardware driver, you will be notified and possibly provided a download link.

For various reasons including privacy concerns, you may not wish this automatic or prompted sending of information to occur. To disable automatic checking for solutions:

1. Click the "Start" button.

2. Type "report problems".

3. Click "Choose how to report problems" when it appears.

4. The "Problem Reports Settings" window appears. Click the "Never check for solutions (not recommended)" radio button. Or, if you still occasionally want to check for solutions but always want to be prompted beforehand, click the "Each time a problem occurs, ask me before checking for solutions" radio button.

Choosing to never automatically check for problem solutions in Windows 7

5. Click "OK" to close the window. Or, if you need to adjust this setting for multiple users, click the "Change report settings for all users" link first to display a "Problem Reporting" dialog box. Then choose your desired setting and click "OK" to close the windows.

Changing Windows 7 Problem Reporting settings for all users

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