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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Screen Capture - Screen Capture Supporting Editing Features, Text Capture

SUMMARY: HyperSnap supports a wide variety of screen capture modes, image editing post-capture, and capturing text.

HyperSnap, a screen capture application for Windows, supports a variety of screen capture types including full screen, active window, free hand, and "Entire Page with Scrolling", allowing you to capture an entire webpage including elements "below the fold" in a web browser such as Firefox.

"TextSnap" allows you to capture a window or region and convert the capture to text that is placed in the Windows Clipboard. A variety of drawing tools are available to edit captured screenshots, such as shapes, freehand draw, stamps, flood fill, and text. Several image effects can be used such as emboss, sharpen or blur, frame, and shear. Other features include uploading screen captures via FTP, sending captures via e-mail, printing all screen captures, and special features to capture screens from games.

Editing a screen capture in HyperSnap

Customization options include altering the application skin, changing keyboard shortcuts, modifying toolbar icons, and capture settings including automatically saving each capture to a file, playing sounds on each capture, and setting the background color for non-rectangle captures.

HyperSnap runs on Windows 98 or above. An evaluation copy can be downloaded at the following site. Note that screenshots taken from the evaluation version will have stamps placed on them.

* HyperSnap

This tip was written regarding HyperSnap v6.90.03 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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