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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Microsoft Publisher 2010 - Toggle Viewing Hidden Characters Such as Paragraph Markers

SUMMARY: Toggle viewing paragraph and other formatting characters inside textboxes in Publisher 2010 documents.

Depending on your needs when editing publications in Microsoft Publisher 2010, it might prove useful to view paragraph marks and other formatting characters inside text boxes.

Possible uses include determining if extra spaces between characters is due to full justification or extra spaces accidentally pressed between words, and whether breaks between paragraphs are true breaks (with a paragraph symbol) or several soft returns (with arrows pointing to the left). You can also at-a-glance determine if indented lines are caused by manipulating the ruler or pressing the Tab key (with arrows pointing to the right), or where a story connected between multiple text boxes actually ends (with a circle containing four lines sticking from the corners). You can see some of these symbols in the below example.

To toggle the display of these characters:

* Click the "Home" tab in the Ribbon, then in the "Paragraph" section, click the "Special Characters" button at the top-right.


* Press CTRL + SHIFT + Y

Viewing special characters while editing a Publisher 2010 document

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