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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mozilla Firefox - Plugins and Extensions - Go Crazy Tweaking / Configuring Firefox

SUMMARY: The "Configuration Mania" extension opens up the ability to configure many previously-hidden Firefox options via a GUI interface.

Are you the type of person that loves configuring and tweaking software, looking for hidden options that modify colors, adjust search result counts, alter timings, and disable unused features? If so, you probably know that in Mozilla Firefox typing about:config allows you to tweak advanced settings. But what if you prefer a GUI-based tool such as the TweakUI PowerToy that was available for previous versions of Windows?

The "Configuration Mania" extension allows you to configure many Firefox settings in a familiar windows-based setting. Adjust Browser, Security, UI, Add-ons, and Debug properties, tweaking options such as the delay before enabling location/URL Bar autocompletion, adjusting how long download alerts should appear, changing the User Agent string reported to websites, and enabling advanced debugging options.

Tweaking Firefox via the "Configuration Mania" extension

1. Visit the following page from within Firefox:

* "Configuration Mania" Extension for Firefox

2. Click the "Add to Firefox" button.

3. The "Software Installation" dialog box will eventually appear. Click "Install Now" as soon as the button is enabled.

Installing the "Configuration Mania" extension for Firefox

4. Once the add-on has installed, click the "Restart Firefox" button. Depending on your configuration, Firefox may note that it will try to restart your windows and tabs.

5. Once Firefox has restarted, to run the utility, click the "Tools" menu, selecting "Configuration Mania".

As with any tweaking, note that making changes can have unintended consequences that may make Firefox crash or become unstable! All configuration changes are made AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This tip was written for Mozilla Firefox v3.6.13 and the "Configuration Mania" extension v1.14.2011012301. Screenshots, instructions, and features for other versions may vary.

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